Student Videos

All videos were created in our 7th Grade Intro to Video Production Wheel Class.

NEW! All our current videos (and some older faves!) now can be found at our new Laguna Video YouTube Channel. Bookmark it and check back often; we will always have new material.


Q4-2016 PSA Videos

General Behavior Rules - Tobin and Jonah

Counseling can Help - Fiorela and Landis and Kayla

Dress Code - Rory, Coco, and Allison

Gum Policy - Chris and Zach

Tardy Policy/What to do When You are Absent - Anthony and Emmanuel

Welcome to the Library - Jesus and Skyler

Honesty Policy - Ella and Ella

Q3 - 2016 PSA Videos

Dress Code - Emory and Nathan

Bullying - Grant and Colby

Welcome to The Library - Victoria and Courtney

Cafeteria Behavior - Aidan and Hugo

Cell Phone Policy - Sadie and Geneva

Gum Policy - Julia and Avery

PE Policies - Dylan and Dylan

Q2 - 2015 Subject Videos

(art) Clay Whistles - Quinn and Ivy

(home ec) Soft Pretzels - Sonja and Aaliyah

(home ec) Sewing! - Alexis and Deja

(science) The Cell - Madi and Genevieve

Q2 - 2015 PSA Videos

Bullying - Aaliyah and Sonja

Cell Phone Policy - Ivy and Quinn

Gum Policy - Gannon and Anthony

Welcome to the Library - Genevieve and Madi

What to Do When You are Absent - Paolo and Ali

Honesty Policy - Lilah and Zoe

Counseling- Levi and Xavier

Dress Code - Deja and Alexis

Q1 - 2015 Subject and Bonus Videos

Video Production Tips - Lily and Emily

Tips for New Seventh Graders - Alex and April

The Youth Booth - Alex and April

Wig It! - Lily and Emily

Cartwheel! - Malia and Julia

Q1 - 2015 PSA Videos

PE Policies - April and Alex

Referrals- Lily and Emily

Counseling Can Help - Owen and Ian

Honesty Policy - Carlton and Slate

Cell Phone Policy - Isaiah and Anthony

Use Your Planner - Carly and Lucia

Cafeteria Rules - Mason and Sydnie

Dress Code - Malia and Julia

General Expectations - Avery and Johnny

No Gum - Braden and Logan

Q4- 2015 PSA Videos

Referrals - Gianna and Kaila

PE Policies - Jeremy and Jonathan

No Gum! - Diego and Bryan

Use Your Planner - Kyra and Jenny

Phone Policy - Colton and Ethan G.

Cafeteria Rules - Kerbin and Taylor

Honesty Policy - Maya and Hannah

Dress Code - Lindsay and Analiese

Bullying- Connor and Anthony

What to Do When You are Absent/Late - Jack and Elias

Counseling - Ethan T. and Jackson

Welcome to the Library - Sara and Olivia

General Behavior Rules - Jahan and Fynn

Q4 - 2015 Subject Videos

(math) Fraction into Percent - Bryan and Diego

(pe) How to Dribble a Basketball - Kyra and Jenny

(all) Tips for New Seventh Graders - Gianna and Kaila

(pe) How to Shoot a Baketball - Jonathan and Jeremy

(home ec) Life Hacks - Kerbin and Taylor

(history) 9/11 - Hannah and Maya

(history) The Christmas Truce - Anthony B. and Connor

(pe) Lacrosse Basics - Colton and Anthony C.

(shop) Making a Trophy - Jackson and Ethan

(history) The Children's Crusade - Fynn and Jahan

(pe) Offsides Rule in Soccer - Jack and Elias

(history) The Donner Party - Sara and Olivia

Q4 - 2015 Bonus Videos

The Pen! - Diego and Bryan

Illuminati? - Connor

K-Baller Interview - Jenny and Kyra

Tofurkey! - Kaila and Gianna

Q3 -2015 PSA Videos

Cafeteria Rules - Elly and Jessica R.

Gum Policy - Erin and Jessica C.

Cell Phone Policy - Kawai and Jack

Dress Code - Alex and Erik

General Behavior - Sage and Celeste

PE Policies - Dulce and Kathryn

Bullying- Max and Duncan

What to Do if You Are Absent - Amari and Wyatt

Welcome to the Library - Crystal and Lulu

Use Your Planner - Art and Drake

Referrals! - Christian and John

Counseling - Dylan and Dylan

Q3 - 2015 Bonus Videos

Nature's Nectar - Elly and Jessica

Making a Windmill! - Erin and Jessica

Paper Airplane! - Erik and Alex

Q3 -2015 Subject Videos

(home ec) Snickerdoodles! - Elly and Jessica R.

(shop) Metal Box Project - Jessica C. and Erin

(English) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Kawai and Jack

(math) Fraction to Percent - Celeste and Sage

(art) Clay Whistles! - Lulu and Crystal

(home ec) Locker Pockets! - Dulce and Kathryn

(math) Right Triangles - Alex and Erik

Q2 - 2014 - PSA Videos

PE Policies - Brandon and Milo

General School Rules - Alex and Jaden

Welcome to the Library - Kayla and Evan

Cafeteria Rules - Kasden and Jack

What to Do When You Are Absent - Jake and Max

Use Your Planner - Elena and Katerina

Phone Policy - Ben and Andrew

Dress Code - Lamar and Alex

Honesty Policy - Joe and Anthony

Bullying- Karlyn and Abenie

Gum Policy - Dane and Quinn

Referrals- Angela and Bella

Q2 - 2014 - Subject Videos

Art! - Jaden and Alex

(math) Fractions! - Milo and Brandon

(social studies) Silent Barter - Jack and Kasden

(pe) Shooting a Basketball - Andrew and Ben

Q1 - 2014 - PSA Videos

PE Policies - Greg and Michael

Welcome to the Library - Shayla and Sarah

No Bullying! - Max and Leanna

Counseling Can Help! - Luke and Isaac

Cafeteria Rules - Malia and Nate

Referrals - Shelby and Bella

Use Your Planner - Axel and Julian

Phone Policy - Michael and Gabe

Gum Policy - Annelise and Amanda

Dress Code - Matt and Luke

What to Do When You are Absent - Jenna and Anna

General Behavior Rules - Nico and Henry

Q1 -2014 - Subject Videos

(math) Using Variables - Leanna and Max

(English) Fragments- Sarah and Shayla

(history) Fall of Rome - Bella and Shelby

(science) Phil Sky the Science Guy and the Scientific Method - Greg and Michael

(video production) Camera Tips - Julian and Axel

(video production) Getting your Footage Off Your Camera - Luke 

(general) How to Create a Bibliography - Luke and Matt

Q4 – 2014 – PSA Videos

Cafeteria Rules – Charles and Jack

Gum Policy – Cassidy and Julianna

Welcome to the Library – Jordan and Gabe

Referrals – Kenny and Elisa

Use Your Planner – Calvin and Angel

General School Behavior – Tim and Scott

Honesty Policy – Jack and Sam

Dress Code – Eddie and Josh

Cell Phone Policy – Kiera and Brad

PE Policies – John and Chris

Bullying! – Evan and Dhru

Q4 – 2014 – Subject Videos

Clay Whistles in Art Class – Tim and Scott

Q3 – 2014 – PSA Videos

PE Policies – Malia and Maggie

Welcome to the Library — Abigail and Sevryn

Dress Code — Amelia and Lillian

Cell Phone Policy – Amy and Prachi

Cafeteria Behavior – Zach and Taylor

What to Do When You Are Absent – Michael and Dalen

Gum Policy – Abbie and Maya

Referrals- Mark and Noah

Use Your Planner – Johnnie and Aidan

General Behavior Rules – Owen and Kaleb

Scholar/Honor List and Incentive Cards – Molly and Alexis

Q3 – 2014 – Subject Videos

(art) Welcome to Art! – Maggie and Malia

(shop) Build a Trophy – Amelia and Lillian

Q2 – 2013 – PSA Videos

Use Your Planner! – Nadia and Shay

Phone Policy – Rahki and Dylan

PE Policies – Sydney and Andrea

Honesty Policy – James and Owen

No Gum! – Hannah and Laura

School Rules – Janea and Alexia

Referrals! – Will and Jack

Dress Code – Chris and Luis

Incentive Cards and GPA – Thomas and Jason

Cafeteria Behavior – Noah and Mason

The Tardy Policy – Brandon and Joe

Counseling Rocks – Andy and Jeff

Q1-2013 – Subject Videos and Bonus Videos

(English) Interview with Bilbo Baggins – Kavi and Kirin

(history) Interviews with Gods – Megan and Amberly

(seventh grade) Tips for New Seventh Graders – Qili

(math) Solving for x – Jack and Payton

(math) Improper Fractions – Sophie and Brennen

Anti-Bully Pen – Kirin and Kavi

The Mystery of the Haunted School – Megan and Amberly

Q1-2013 – PSA Videos

What to Do When You are Absent – Amberly and Megan

Cell Phone Policy – Kavi and Kirin

Cafeteria Behavior – Qili and Henry

Gum Policy – Sophie and Brennen

GPA and Incentive Cards – Nicole and Cooper

Referrals – AK and Zak

Welcome to the Library – TJ and Rachel

PE Rules – Jake and Bernie

Tardy Policy – Jack and Payton and Cooper

Counseling Can Help – Sheyanne and Liz

General School Rules – Francisco and Martin

Dress Code – Leila and Nicole

Honesty Policy – Bella and Armando and Michael

Q4-2013 – Subject Videos

(shop) Safety in the Shop – Roland and Ryan

(shop) Wood Carving Project – Will and Brian

(math) The Quadratic Formula – Tim and Ollie

(English) Interview with Huck Finn – Chase and Justin

(art) Take Art as Your Elective! – Maliah and Megan

(English) Writing a Persuasive Essay – Britney and Hannah

(math) Mean, Median, and Mode – Caleb and Ethan

(math) Line Plot – Alex and Skylar

(shop) Hunk o’ Junk Project – Evan and Landon

(pe) Track and Field! – Sam and Michail

(pe) Basketball Tips! – Karla and Emi

Q4 – Bonus Videos!

SuperPen! – Will and Brian

Vampire Cops VII – Ryan and Roland

NiQuil PLUS – Ryan and Roland

The Hair Volumizer – Megan and Maliah

The 3042 Olympics are Coming! – Chase and Justin

A Student’s Day at Laguna – Hannah and Britney

Q4-2013 – PSA Videos

Dress Code - Ryan and Roland

NO GUM! - Tia and Colby

PE Rules – Caleb and Ethan

Counseling Can Help! – Malia and Megan

The Library – Sam and Michail

Use Your Planner – Will and Brian

What to Do When You Are Absent – Tim and Ollie

Cafeteria Rules – Britney and Hannah

Referrals – Skylar and Alex

Tardy Policy – Karla and Emi

Honesty Policy – Justin and Chase

Q3-2013 – Subject Videos!

(Shop) How to Jigsaw -Garrett

(US History) Plantation Slavery (featuring Mr. Benitez) -Isabel and Greta

(English) Read Tom Sawyer -Noah and D’Andre

(English) Come Join the Community (The Giver) – Ganden and Chris

(English) Writing a Literary Analysis – Eddie and Rutik

(Math) Stop-Motion Math – Colin and Wayne

(Science) Evolution- Andrew and Michelle

Q3-2013 – PSA Videos

Dress Code -Isabel and Greta

What to Do When You Are Absent -Noah and D’Andre

Welcome to the Library -Wayne and Colin

Tardy Policy -Eddie and Rutik

Referrals -Zoe and Charlie

No Gum! -Ganden and Chris

Phone Policy -Will and Logan

General Behavior Rules -Garrett

Honesty Policy -Andrew and Zane

Cafeteria Rules -Erin and Karla

Incentive Cards -Payton and Sean

Use Your Planner -Michelle and Andrew

PE Rules -Amber and Jamie

Q2 – 2012 PSA Videos

Cell Phone Policy -Lily and Ellyse

No Gum! - Kevin and Zach

Dress Code - Colin and Elias

Incentive Cards - Shane and Connor

Cafeteria Behavior - Daniel and Khaleb

Honesty Policy - Sienna and Matt

Bus Behavior - Jolene and Talia

Behavior Policies - Casey and Paris

The Library - Spero and Jason

Use Your Planner - Tyler and Austin

Counseling - Paige and Joe

What to Do When You Are Absent - Miguel and Diego

Referrals - Jacob and Maliek

Q2-2012 New Videos

Parkour! Daniel and Khaleb

iPhone 17! Zach and Kevin

The Digi-Shirt! Colin and Elias

The Invisibility Suit Shane and Connor

Instagrow! Lily and Ellyse

Super Massager Shane and Connor

Q1 – 2012 PSA Videos

No Gum at School Lauren and Eden

The Counseling Office Can Help Anthony and Devlen

TardyPolicy Erik and Stephen

Cell Phone Policy James and Carolyn

What to Do When You’re Absent Jack and Gabe

Campus Behavior Harvey and Landon

PE Rules Casey and Sam

Referrals: Don’t Get ‘Em! David and James

Dress Code Violation Show Paige and Elizabeth

The Library Rules Cameron and Tristan

Honesty Policy Dominic and Eric

Cafeteria Rules James and Marco

Q1-2012: More Videos!

Kids and Krowns! Eden and Lauren

The NEW iPod4! Sam and Casey

Super Power Pills Kate and Paige

Drama Heights Middle School Stephen and Erik

How to Get Good Grades James and Marco

Nuke That Pain! Harvey and Landon

A Normal Day at the Office (Animation!) Carolyn and James

VERY Normal Activity Tristan and Cameron

SlenderTan (parody) Anthony and Devlen

Buffast Energy Drink! Jack and Gabe

WATER! Erik and Stephen

Videos from 2011-2012


How to Survive 7th Grade Dylan and Jacob

Cell Phone Rules Jocelyn and Courtney

Interview with Mrs. Carlin Annika and Kaia

SLOTeens! Blaine and Wyatt

Soccer Goal Kick Spencer and Ernesto

Interview with the Lunch Lady Alexis and Hannah

Your First Day of Seventh Grade Emily and Spencer

Magic Powers! Declan and John

How to be Popular! Courtney and Jocelyn

PE Rules Kian and Niklas

What to Do When You’re Absent Hannah and Alexis

Honesty Policy Jacob and Dylan

Dress Code Spencer and Emily

Cafeteria Rules Ernesto and Spencer

Welcome to the Library Annika and Kaia

Use Your Planner Sean and Thomas

No Gum! Blaine and Wyatt

Referral! John and Declan

Bus Behavior Aidan and David


The Learning is Fun Show Samantha and Brayden

How to Tie Shoes Callum and Thomas

Ninja Skill Lessons Carter and Jarrod

The Lame Phone! Lauren and Zoey

Interview with Mr. Gyselbrecht Jarrod and Carter

Extreme Peanut Butter Victor and Chris

Interview with Ms. Lincoln Sidney and Lucas

Kindness Injection Samantha and Brayden

ProGum! Chase and Brennan

SuperDuper Gum Callum and Thomas

Interview with Mr. Marinello Jazmine and Aric

Library Rules Victor and Chris

Counselors Can Help Kyra and Sean

How to Make a 3-Pointer Aric and Jazmine

Bus Rules Henry and Alen

How to Get Suspended Lauren and Zoey

Incentive Cards Samantha and Brayden

Dress Code Callum and Thomas

Library Rules Victor and Chris

General School Rules Liam and Zach

Bully Repellent Victor and Chris

Playing Defense in Basketball Kyra and Sean

The Chair! Sidney and Lucas

Cell Phone Use Jarrod and Carter

Referrals Lucas and Sidney

The New Kid Liam and Zach

Tardy Policy Lauren and Zoey

PE Rules Ben and Margaret

Cafeteria Rules Jazmine and Aric

Don’t Chew Gum Westen and Jesse


NinjaTape Commercial” by Ezra and Max

Otterbox Commercial” by Lieve and Grayson

FlipVideo Commercial” by Miranda and Thomas

Scum Soda Commercial” by Kaz and Indigo

Fudgies Fudge Bar Commercial” by Jacob and Derek

My Interesting Grandma (and Chasen’s Restaurant)” by PaytonNew! Our first animated video!

The Great Cupcake Chase” (in HD) by Shaina and Duncan…and here’s how they created it: “Animation How-To” by Duncan and Shaina

How to Shoot a Freethrow” by Devin and Sean

How to Open Your Locker” (for you new Sevies) by Ollie

Interview with ASB Prez Max Teaford” by Ezra and Max

PE Rules” by Daniel and Brianna

What to Do When You are Absent” Carly and Maxim

Cell Phone Rules @ School” by Shaina and Duncan

Tardy Policy” by Ollie

“Cafeteria Rules” by Jacob and Derek

Dress Code” by Max and Ezra

Follow the Rules!” by Christa and Claudia

Honesty!” by Lieve and Grayson

Library Consequences” by Kaz and Indigo

Referrals” by Devin and Sean

Use Your Planner for Good Grades!” by Miranda and Thomas


Interview with Mr. Gyselbrecht” by Sophie

Laguna: Never a Dull Moment” by Andie

Laguna = Action” Mark and Sam

Laguna: The Knights of SLCUSD” by Jacob

Laguna Promo Ad” Bryce and Kannan

Interview with Mr. Wittman” by Jibreel

Laguna = Fun!” Emma and Jenna

Video Production Promo” Joe and Cole and Jibreel

No Bullying” Cole and Joe

Lost and Found” Sophie and Andie

Dress Code” Mark And Sam

No Phones” Bryce and Kannan

No Phones II” Jibreel and Kyle

No Phones Allowed” Miranda and Terra

Always Use Your Planner” Jacob and Jesse

Bullying is Bad!” Joe and Justin

Hall Pass” Max and Natalie

Laguna Gum Policy” Ethan and Jake

No Gum at School!” Emma and Jenna

No Texting” Javon and Carson

Referral” Kyle and Ryan

Lunch 10/8/2015

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