Randi is my sister.  She is nine years old and is very opinionated (like her sister).  She was born on September 7, 1993 in San Luis Obispo, CA at Sierra Vista Hospital.  She was a very cute, voluptuous baby who loved her snacks.  When she was about 5 years, she was diagnosed with the disease asthma.  It was very hard for her when she was little but over the years she has gotten much better.  Then, when she was about 7, she came down with a cold and then it turned into pneumonia which turned out to be bacterial pneumonia.  She was in the hospital for 10 days here in SLO and 3 days up north.  She had a pick line in her arm for a month which fed medicine to her lungs.  It ended up coming to that stage from sifting potatoes at our 4-H farm.
           Enough with the mushy stuff, now let's get to the real Randini!  She loves soccer and is excellent at it (not to brag).  She is on All Stars and her family has to travel every weekend to go to a soccer tournament, but it all pays off because the games are so heart wrenching.  She also plays tennis and swims.  Randi and her sister sometimes get into cat fights or arguments but nothing terribly bad.  She does like to hang out with my friends which sometimes can be annoying or listen into my phone calls which is really rude! But nothing as terrible as messing up her sisters room or anything, yet.
            She is really a wonderful kid and student.  She has many wonderful friends and always has a great time with them.  It is so fun living with her (at times) and I can't wait until we get to share with you more stories.