Cody Amos
English Period 4

Eyewitness report

 I am a top notch reporter for the Star Breaking News in Los Angeles, California. I get all of the best news from major league baseball players using steroids to fans going crazy at sports games. The report I got last month was amazing. It was about a stunt devil Seth Enslow was going to jump his mansion, and it is humongous. He was going to jump it on his CRF 500 dirt bike. Seth Enslow also has really cool gear.
 Here are some information about Seth Enslow. Seth was born in 1975 and was raised by his mother and father, one sister and three brothers in Massena, New York. Seth raced motocross in New York and Florida during his younger years. Shortly after his high school graduation, Seth realized his dream of moving to California to pursue a career in motocross. When he came to Huntington Beach, Seth met up with Dana Nicholson of Fleshwound Films and immediately became part of the "motorcycle crew." After his enormous, infamous, ground breaking crash in Crusty Demons of Dirt, Seth became an instant hero among the youths of freestyle.  Now her are some Pictures of Seth. I took the pictures of him jumping out in the Mojave Desert.

 The date of the jump was set, and it was supposed to be a nice hot sunny day. It turned out to be cold and windy. It was Friday the thirteenth and he decided to jump. Seth Enslow had guards with machineguns and pistols to keep away any people who wanted to stop. He got five hundred feet away from the ramp and started to race toward it at sixty miles per hour. He hit the jump too fast and over jumped what his target was, and it looked like he was going to land, but then he fell off the back of the bike. All of the people watching ran to his aid, but he was seriously injured. His head hit the handlebars before he fell off the bike. He had a big gash in his head. His helmet and goggles were gruesome as his helmet was cracked in half and his goggles had blood splattered all over them. The ambulance rushed to get to him.
 The EMTís couldnít help him so he had to be air lifted by a helicopter to a medical center.  He was in bad shape. He had over a thousand stitches in his head and he broke ten bones in his body. He would recover, a year later after that almost fateful crash, he agreed to talk to me on television. When he watched the tape of his crash, he laughed and said that was stupid and he would try it again. I told him that my young cousin, Anthony, could be a pro motocross racer, and he envies him. After that he told me he would meet my little cousin and give him his autograph. So, I told him that it would be great, so he came to my house. He met my cousin and gave him an autograph. Anthony was so happy. After that he said farewell to my cousin and I.
 I did some more research on Seth, and I found out he was a part of a group called the Metal Mulisha. They go around to different places and do tricks like back flips. He is probably one of the best motor cycle jumping and trick person in the world.
 His bad crash that I witnessed will always stick in my mind. I was lucky to be able to witness the jump and get to know Seth. He was all over the web and news. It was probably one of the best things that have happened to me because I was running out of things to report on.

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