Available Daily

  • Fresh Sandwiches
  • Burritos
  • Pizza (w/ low-fat cheese)
  • Hamburgers (on whole wheat buns)
  • Daily Specials

What’s for Lunch…

  • Choice of entree(fresh sandwiches, pizza, burritos, hamburgers, and much more)
  • Salad Bar (assortment of fresh vegetables, fruit, and grains)
  • Choice of Milk (1% white or chocolate non-fat)

All for $2.75

(For every 10 meals that are prepaid, students receive 1 free meal)

Available at a reduced price of  $0.40 or free, if qualified

Breakfast too!

  1. Choice of Entree
  2. Fruit Juice or Fresh Fruit
  3. Choice of Milk

All for $1.75

Available at a reduced price of $0.30 or free, if qualified

Use a credit card to pay for meals online!

Go to www.ezschoolpay.comand follow the directions. A $3.25 convinience fee is charged for this service. You will need the student’s 6-digit number and the school’s zip code. If you need assistance, call the Food Service Office at 596-4064.

For more info, including menus and applications for free/reduced price meals, go to the Food Service website.