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Family and Consumer Science

Family & Consumer Science Wheel

Grade Level: 7
Prerequisite: None
Length: One quarter
Description: This course introduces students to basic survival skills for daily living. It includes home safety, consumer skills, foods and nutrition, textiles, and caregiver skills. Activity examples: preparing, serving, and evaluating foods; sewing small projects; and practicing child caregiver skills.

Family & Consumer Sciences I

Grade Level: 8
Prerequisite: None
Length: One semester
Description: Home Economics I provides students with an opportunity to experience the areas of decision-making, self-awareness, foods and nutrition, resource management, clothing and textiles, interior design, and child development. Activity examples: preparing, serving, and evaluating foods; analyzing food and activity habits; making a budget; sewing small projects; completing interior design projects; and planning activities for young children.


Kristine Carlin